Worry-Free Property Management

Managing your rental property on your own can be very stressful. There are so many responsibilities that come with do-it-yourself property management that juggling them all in an effective and efficient manner can be quite trying. Not only do you have to worry about property upkeep, but keeping renters and tenants happy, is a job unto itself. That’s why second-home owners throughout South Fork trust Kabin Keeper Property Management to handle all of the managing needs of your property, so you can have peace-of-mind. You can count on us to be “here” while you are “there”.


Having a rental- or second-home should not be stressful. You can count on us to be “here” while you are “there”.

Whether you rent your home or are a part-time resident, we offer many services; including, but not limited to:

short-term rentals:

For my fee, I hire all cleaning and maintenance personnel. I personally check on home before and after each renter and re-stock supplies. I purchase and pay for all “necessary” paper products as well as coffee, tea, detergents, etc. You may want fresh milk and OJ for your guests. I am happy to shop for any additional items you feel would make your guests’ stay a memorable experience, and deduct it from your rental income. I also prepare, submit and pay your quarterly sales tax and county lodging tax to the state.

I regularly check on house when it is empty, especially during the cold season.

I am available to owners and guests 24/7.

I arrange and oversee any work at the home, including cleaning, lawn maintenance and snow removal, as well as meet with service providers.

My husband, a photographer, takes all photos for rental websites. First impressions are important and his photos stand out.

Need furniture or appliances delivered? I can be there. Need to have small items delivered? I am happy to receive them at my private residence and deliver to your South Fork home.

long-term rentals:

I personally pick up the rent, at the residence, no less than every other month at which time I go inside to inspect. I drive by often to make sure the upkeep of outside and yard is acceptable.

I am available to owners and tenants 24/7.

Arrange and oversee any work at the home, as well as meet with service providers.

out of town owners:

Just need someone to check on your home in your absence? I am available for that as well. I charge a flat monthly fee or a per visit fee.